Europe-Latvia-Part 1 (Riga / Old Town (Vecrīga)

With this unique of architecture well preserved and cobblestone streets, that is a mash-up of Medieval and fairy tale vibe of Riga that brings us back to the Middle Ages which is perfectly accented by its amazing food and wine. Latvia, Riga Old Town is a fairy tale town that you can wander around for hours, falling more in love with it by the minute.

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Latvia Europe – (Introduction ).

Latvia, situated in Baltic region of Northern Europe is bordered by Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania, has a kaleidoscopic range of terrains that made be a wealth of natural landscapes🏞🏖🏕, as well as the country holds a great deal of unspoiled nature with many of them worthy of conservation, volume of wild nature and rare flora and fauna that makes Latvia represent one of the Europe’s of the greenest countries.