Thailand – Bangkok (Part 17 Silom Village)

Historic of buildings, lush garden patios and local folklore, this village has always stood in the shadows of traditional Thai identity. For those looking to experience old Bangkok Memories, you can visit Silom Village the last village Thai traditional old style on Silom road, a walk distance from Surasak BTS Sky train Stations🚊🚊🚊. Although the name is “Silom Village”, but don’t misunderstand that it is a village. We just can say It is a hotel🏡🏡🏡 + restaurant 🍽🥢🍻+ and some shop lot🛍 🛍🛍.Although it’s not a village but you still can walk slowly through and enjoy each and every traditional building you lay eyes upon.

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Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Part 15 – King Rama IX Park 2018)

While Thailand has some awe-inspiring national parks, for the majority of people who dwell in Bangkok, it must spend a lot of time for getting out to those parks to commune with nature. It is sometimes hard to believe, but Bangkok does have some large parks, not only favour by Thai resident it also common to tourist for see flowers in full bloom and enjoy the beauty that nature can bring to soothing for the eyes👀👀👀and healing for the soul.

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