Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Part 8 Mae Nak Phra Khanong ) 2018

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, belief in ghosts in Thai culture is both popular and enduring. In the history of Thailand Buddhist popular beliefs intermingled with the legends about the spirits or ghosts of the local folklore.

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日本 – 东京 (靖国神社) 2018


Thailand – Bangkok Travel 2018 (Part 7 Suan Pakkad Palace Museum) 2018

Step off busiest streets into Suan Pakkad Palace Museum and the sounds of the city instantly melt away. Although is residence of Prince🤴, you would not view of luxurious Palace, it is collection of traditional Thai house, one of the best examples of traditional domestic architecture in the Bangkok city. For those who are interested in the history and century Thailand landmark buildings, a tour Palace Museum is must on your itinerary.

Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Bangkok Doll Factory & Museum ) 2018

A hidden treasure in an old very local neighborhood, exciting places special charm transports all of us back to the bygone times of childhood🏵🏵🏵. When we are children even some adult, dream for stay at this place. Doll Museum, the collection with its variety of items delights not only doll collector but also satisfy our childhood desire. Doll Museums can be hard to find and are not widely known.

日本 – 东京 2018 (Nissan Crossing)

日本是高科技汽车,高科技汽车是日本。对于某些游客来说,参观它们的汽车陈列室是旅程中其中的一个口袋清单。在东京,时髦的银座购物区里,就有那么一个汽车陈列室让来自世界各地的游客有机会体验日本高科技汽车。NISSAN CROSSING 的宗旨是汽车与人类之间未来的展望。

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