Russia (Part 4 Veliky Novgorod Russia )

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Follow us, you will discover🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️ richness of the life Russia’s soul in an absolutely authentic exquisite ancient town. The Russia first settled here their life loving, the living antiquity remains, Veliky Novgorod as the birthplace of Russia. Rich with history is the home to the origin story of Russia which back through time, step back to ten centuries comes alive in this stunning town, Veliky Novgorod which related to the creation of this great nation, Russia’s architectural gems and touch the living history more ancient than Russia itself.

The stunning of Veliky Novgorod lies along the Volkhov River just downstream from its outflow from Lake Ilmen. It’s nestled between Moscow and Saint Petersburg so for somebody who drive🚗🚗🚗 from St. Petersburg to Moscow, maybe can stay in Veliky Novgorod overnight for enjoy two-day and one night trip. Or you can same as us making day trips a breeze. That as one of the oldest and most important historic town in Russia, first mentioned in chronicles of 859 C.E.😮😮😮 and will keep go back to the mysteries of Russian history: the Birthplace of Russian Statehood, a Hanseatic City, fortress, towers, Orthodox and the ancient settlement was a major centre for trade. When the car drive into town, first on our looking is a row of factories🏭🏭 🏭and the rows upon rows of high-rise building packed together, may be on your first impression is universality. But after that welcome us is different atmosphere, the amazing scenery that take us back over a century ago, this stunning, unique, absolutely authentic and authentically town. Before stroll around the town, let us enjoy a delicious breakfast in the McDonald’s fast food restaurant, a set of egg plus ham burger🍔🍔🍔 with a cup of hot and fragrant coffee, the price is 204 RUB (2.61 €).

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Stroll around the Town🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🏙🏪🏬:
Before Russia times for now, Veliky Novgorod was an important settlement which originally built with the sole purpose of trading. So here one of the best preserved many varied architecture, gorgeous historical buildings and as well as traditional beamed buildings as the town has roots stretching all the way back to the 10th century. As the years have progressed, this town also built some new modern building, its present mix of the classic and more contemporary. Since our end point is next to McDonald’s, but it is not clear that there have two McDonald’s, one accidentally went to the wrong station, so we must walk a certain distance to the tourist attractions. Haha😜😜😜, although with the wrong station but allows us more understand and see the side of life in the neighborhood of this town. Although this is an ancient town, it also has international flag official shops and chain store. We simply were strolling through the town, an eclectic mix of shopping and historical charms. Taking into the numerous shops and shopping mall, choose from an enticing selection of restaurants and hotels or stop at food store that line on streets with selling everything from local snacks to cheeses. So make sure to bag yourself some tasty local produce.

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Inside of the Kremlin Walls🏚🗿🏛:
Walk to end of the main street that takes us to some of the “original fortifying red walls” surrounded by a park. Here, the famous medieval perhaps one of the exemplified for 10th century of Russia with the treasures of Russian architecture and as a representation for the heart of town. Once we set foot in here, we can feel in the air😶😶😶 that the pulse of time at the wrist of history so ancient and peaceful. Within the kremlin walls with ancient and Darker Magenta Red colorful turrets and towers look out over a series of moats, bridges and overlooking the magnificent views. Walk in inner doors wall itself is roominess with beautiful scenery, numerous historic for the variety buildings its truly stunning and age of its medieval monuments let us more comprehend of the Birthplace of Russian.

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It was here, in 862 C.E., that Prince Rurik proclaimed the modern Russian state – the Rurik dynasty went on to rule Russia for more than 750 years. So as one of the oldest palace in Russia ( Novgorod Kremlin) which before served as the main meeting hall of the archbishops, meanwhile having the oldest Russian bell tower and a bronze monument to the Millennium of Russia, representing the most important figures from the country’s history. Veliky Novgorod one of the biggest draw is the most ancient Russian stone church, St Sophia Cathedral was erected in Novgorod as early as in the 10th century. The walls of Novgorod churches, imbued with prayers, breathe the wisdom of the past centuries, and the domes with its golden dome positively glows were perhaps be the first example for the most Russian of architectural details.


After strolling around the ancient architecture and variety church, relaxing😎😎😎 whilst walk on the quaint Yaroslav’s Court along the picturesque river is a must. Yaroslav’s Court once is the princely compound and renovated with heavily modified in the sixteenth centuries to be as trade mart, beautiful scenery be a photographer’s delight, there are endless photo opportunities. View of the layer of layer ice waves with the colours of blue calm river perfectly compliment the elegant and exquisite medieval architecture almost having one of the atmosphere for the ancient age time. You can spend some time for visit the museum house to comprehend about the history of Veliky Novgorod. An extensive collection of early wood and metal works as well as a chronology of over 250 Russian icons, allowing you to appreciate the progression of skills and techniques through the centuries.

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A Quaint Town🏘🏡🏨🍕🌮🍗🍰🍩:
In the Kremlin Red Walls, there century-old historical building in Russia, but the other side of the Kremlin Red Walls is another atmosphere and charm: a quaint town. Walk along the street to admire the local and ancient scenery, many houses have been preserved and you can be a lunch and dinner in one of these restaurant. We do with a little exploration, spot the colourful timbered houses and the stone houses that have stood the test of time, Renaissance-style windows and the church is so beautiful, they’re the legacy of the town. No matter whether the rows upon rows of colorful or single color building and respective standing there, as if telling their own stories about 100 years ago. Ancient and magnificent Russia classic architecture are unusual, but above all, we can feel the history through the walls and outward appearance, it remains intact which further ads to its charm.

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How to go🚙🚌🚗🚆:
You can use the public transport of Train, Bus and a company called Marshrutka Taksi to the Veliky Novgorod Russia. We choose take the Marshrutka Taksi: a privately owned minivan that follows a fixed route, let passengers get on and off along the way and because of this transport is the best with convenient, save time and cheaper way getting to Veliky Novgorod Russia. You can same as us early buy the ticket on their transport company website: or directly buy from the driver and the ticket price is 425RUB (5.43 €) one way / per person. The starting ride point can be easily arrive which in St.Petersburg, it’s near Moskovskaya subway station🚇🚇🚇, at the junction of the Aviatsionnaya street in and the Moskovsky avenue. NOTE: before coming to Aviatsionnaya, the minivan goes to Pulkovo airport where it picks up passengers, so you also can get to Novgorod directly from the airport.

From Moskovskaya subway station how to find the minivan location stop🚇🚇🚇:
One of the Marshrutka Taksi disadvantage is the location stop not clearly such as haven’t any Indicator board so make sure the waiting place is correct. Moskovskaya station has two exits: Upon leaving a subway’s carriage (before ascending the elevator), find this sign on the wall: one leads to the bus bound to the Pulkovo airport and the other doesn’t it. You need walk to the second, which mean walk toward “doesn’t” it. Upon leaving the subway station, go straight you see the park with monument to Vladimir Lenin. You must look up your head and see the sign of VTB Bank🏦🏦🏦 (it reads ВТБ in Russian) on the Moskovsky avenue and make sure walk toward to this building. The location bus stop is opposite of the VTB Bank building, with on the corner of the Aviatsionnaya street and the Moskovsky avenue. You will see a minivan with the sign inside of main mirror and reading «Новгород-Авто» (Novgorod-Avto). NOTE: Because the passenger seat is limit up to 20 persons so suggestion pre-ordered the tickets and the best time is 2-3 days before the trip or even earlier.

The shuttle minivan runs daily – from 7.00 to 02.00 almost every hour. From Saint Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod Russia the route is 2 and half – 3 hours. Its better ask the driver let you ride off the car on the square of the railway station which situated same as the bus station and a McDonald’s restaurant. Here the square is nearby to the town and the Novgorod Kremlin, just only a 20 minute walk. Meanwhile, when you want go back to the Saint Petersburg, Russia you also can wait on this square for ride to the minivan. 😁😁😁Reminder: If you want to print out the ticket, please make sure it is Russian language. This is convenient for the driver to confirm and when you want to ask for directions with somebody is easier.

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