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A compact, bright and charmingly beautiful city, Saint Petersburg Russia where the city’s focal is almost indecently full of iconic buildings with well-maintained historic buildings, whether ancient Medieval, Renaissance buildings and even protruding buildings dotted throughout the city but at the same time don`t forget the restaurant🍕🥐🥩🍰 ,bar🍻🍷🍹, art galleries, hotels, boutiques🛍🛒 and traditional market culture . Uniquely beautiful of the city, although make as bustling setting but pleasant street whose myriad neighbourhoods each have the charm and draw unique of more intimate cities. Saint Petersburg Russia, remarkable of city islands, from its broadly beautiful canals views to criss-crossed Main Street and narrow winding streets is full of color and beauty.

How to discovery this city? One of the best approaches is same as us to allow a day and get happily lost😄🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️, wandering down whichever picturesque street takes your fancy. Historically, its message has been: Keep the flame of tradition alive, but traditions can become stultifying. Historical facades and beautifully interior detailed with modern twists on the classics, each district of the Saint Petersburg Russia has something new and different to show off. We can easy view of that’s feature from that mixture of culture and burgeoning creative; Elegant, grand hotels for more modern design; refined avenues where spill with trendily item of clothing, window display, souvenir boutiques and 24hour shop. St Petersburg Russia is also packed full of interesting and diverse restaurants. Some will like to the proliferation of vibrancy and chic bars, world-class vodka to whereas others still will like get hang out Café. From traditional restaurants recreating with Russia atmosphere to modern, trendy different establishments and multinational chain of fast food restaurants.


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Though the city is full of charming spots, it’s hard to argue with the fact that the Nevsky Prospekt, as the heart of the city is St. Petersburg’s geographical anchor. With well preserved medieval charm for that gorgeous buildings and monuments that spring up on every corner, let us relaxing and enjoyable for stroll through on the Nevsky Prospekt. That are mix of both European architectural style as well as Russia traditional architecture, with its Art Nouveau and colorful buildings, simple and European streetlights, Neoclassical Churches alternate as well as the National Russian Library and Kazan Cathedral let us feel ourselves landed in an age bygone or a gorgeous world. Here perhaps for enjoy shopping experience you can enter into one of the Russia first shopping malls – Gostiny Dvor which also is the largest department store in Saint Petersburg, Russia taking up an entire city block. Or you will come across plenty of flagship store, boutique and souvenir shop where are modern, artistic creativity and an intrinsic charm. Simultaneously, we buy layer warmest coat with preferably features of wind and waterproof in a flagship store – Turkey multinational clothing-retail “Colin’s” as a brand. Well, the coat have good discount so the price is just 1995RUB (24.68€).

Food Scene: 🍕🍔🍗🍰
St. Petersburg’s food scene effortlessly blends the city’s historic past with more modern re-interpretations of classic dishes. So Nevsky Prospekt with an elegant avenue have numerous of restaurants and cafes where you can choose different taste of lunch and dinner or where you can stop and sip a cup of rich coffee with your favourite delicious dessert. After surrounding hanging out, our stomach is protesting. Okay, now it ’s time to fill up our stomach. We take our lunch in an Italian restaurant that resembles a cosy dining room with a simple interior design and classy décor to create a stylish atmosphere that appeals to a young crowd. A simple design of menu with English version let us easy for take the a la carte of the starters are soup of today and tomato cheese soup, our main course is a regular and be a public flavor of pizza. In winter, hot soup will make our body warm. This is the classic tomato soup, which is contains rich, fresh and sweet tomatoes, absolutely full of flavor, and add thick cheese to enhance its flavor. Okay, pretty darn tasty. Lastly, taste a cup of superb coffee that is perfect in our lunch. The total price for the lunch is 1260RUB (15.90€).

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Food Court:🍚🍜🌭🥨🥣
As home of the culture, food court is one of the important part for the local culture, follow us to the shopping mall food court which nearly of the Bus Station. An indoor brightly, simple and cleanly plaza which is contiguous with the counters of multiple foods stalls that including classic, locally sourced and foreign dishes. We choose for taste local and low-priced set meal with 240RUB (3.03€) per set: a plate of rice with fish dishes plus a bowl of soup, salad, bread and drinks. Even in the winter days, the quantity of the fish would be seldom, but this fish dishes is very fresh and haven’t any fish smell although with a simple cooking, the taste also delicious. For the rice, we live in the South East Asia Country, rice food as our necessary and we have claim for its so we inappropriate comment.

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Night Life:🌃🍻🍸🍷🍽🥢
St Petersburg Russia as a buzzing and energetic city, you’ll fall even more in love with the city of night – full of culture, art and a literary history through its many restaurants, bars and cafes. What is lost weight?Let`s us temporary forget about lost weight, numerous restaurants and cafes that an array of places to choose of your dinner, meanwhile don’t forget enjoy a discount of “suppertime”. Well, after 09:00 pm a lot of the restaurants and cafes have 30% discount so we can love our bank account. Walk in the Rubinshteyna street, its most charming in the evenings and the gorgeous street focus for nightlife in the city, the whole street is basically a lineup of restaurants and bars with light dances across the highly ornamented old buildings. Same as local, you can start the electrifying nightlife for a perfectly dinner drinking stylish cocktails and continuous to the charming pubs for drinking different type of wine, or you can drink other taste of the ice-cold beer. In Russia, they are many selection of different flavour and brand of beer. One of the exciting urban locations that are you can keep on going for continuous a drink and party till late in Rubinsteina Street.

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Farmers` Market:🐮🐷🐔🐐🥩🧀🍓🍐🥦🥔

It should be no surprise that most of the traveller👩👨🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ same as us love visiting farmers’ markets! We want being fully immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells of the local community. So during our travelling in St Petersburg Russia, we taking the metro to Torzhkovsky Market located just a short distance from the city, a market that are far more authentic neighbourhood market with only well-known in the residents. There are quieter charms here, a distinguishing feature building with beside is a line of street food stall meanwhile around with row by row of shops lot. One of most attract us are here can easy view a small stall that selling hundreds of different taste of snack, including different type of dry fruit, nuts, raisin, small dessert and etc.

Walk into Torzhkovsky Market, a simple and clean traditional market, neat of the vendors shop with smoked foods mongers, greengrocers, cheesemongers, butchers, fragrant herbs, tableware and bakers, all with an appropriately Russia vibe. A wide variety of different type and flavour of traditional Russian smoked foods including fish, meat and pickles vegetables. Giant different part fresh meat hang on thick iron pillar, browsing stands piled high with colorful produce, many people busy for buy farm-fresh cheese. The cheeses at here are more cheaper compared to our country, of cause, as cheese lover we must buy some blue cheese. At the same time, we like to cook different flavors of food at home, so best for us, this is a stall with a variety of colors and flavors, which can sell more than dozens of various specific spices and dried herbs. More spices have their exquisite aroma, texture, taste and just only 100RUB (1.25€) for the small packets of 100g +- let us delight and easy to buy a few different type of spices.

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