Our Europe Trip – Hungary(Part 4 Dohány & Buffet & Margaret Island )

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Although bigger, grander buildings that better symbolized the Budapest city’s elevated status, all peaceful side streets, however, have retained an air of small-city charm amid the busy avenues. Simultaneously, as more and more cities opened up to the idea of urban art🖼🎭🗿 which including Budapest, Dohany Neighborhood presenting a maze of narrow and picturesque streets become as a gems. Of cause, along the way while traveling, we also walk along the medieval city wall of Budapest ran along the local mural artists near the Europe’s largest synagogue🕍🕍🕍, the Dohany Neighborhood today. When arrived at Dohany Neighborhood, you would not difficult to find the artistic of building wait for you to discover its art of beauty. When you arrive at the Dohany neighbourhood in Budapest, you can easily find the quiet buildings waiting for you to discover its artistic beauty. Of course, the artistic statues here are not inferior to the architecture. The perfect proportion of the artistic buildings🏛🏛🏛 and statues🗿🗿🗿 makes the whole street more artistic. Iconic street artists as being highlighted by the work of incredible visual storytellers, have helped make urban art more mainstream and expressive, adding an uniqueness to their region.

We view of the beautifully proportioned architecture and attention to the natural forms and craftsmanship of the Arts that characterized by asymmetrical shapes, arches, and decorative with curved, plant-like designs and mosaics😁😁😁. We look of medieval city wall that gave local mural artists plenty of places to show off their street art that becoming witnesses of the creativity and helped awaken a passion for art. Here, art pervades and exudes the taste of art.In addition to, home to Europe’s largest Synagogue, the Dohány Neighborhood is full with the historical remains of the Jewish community that once thrived here. There are three synagogues in the area with the Dohány Synagogue being the largest biggest in the entire world. Synagogue complex consists of the Great Synagogue, the Heroes’ Temple, the graveyard, the Memorial and the Jewish Museum.

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Among all the ancient architecture of the Dohany Neighborhood is a surprising culinary gem to start your culinary tour. Strong respect for history and culture with a dash of innovation where a number of restaurant is an amalgam of traditional culinary vision and the modern innovation. Simultaneously, a boom in restaurant🍕🌯🥩🍣 scene elevating this Dohany Neighborhood with growing number of locations to dinner or lunch, that except classic dish and now spans the different and globe restaurant where fans of food will probably be familiar with International, Western, Asia, kebab and Etc dish.

Visitors will leave full and happy with the neighborhood pub accompanied by different kind of wine🥂🍻🍸 or you can choose for try out a ton of quality local wine that as the country’s national drink. Whether you are a double or a group of guests like us or even a single guest, the bar here will definitely be satisfied. If that didn’t whet your appetite, a cup of the coffee culture will suitable for you. The elegant or hipster cafes often referred to as a unique experience and sometime learn a lot about the locals and their traditions by simply exploring the cafés! You can take a rest for take a cup of coffee with basically a sweet treat like cookies🍪🍩🧁, bun and cake🍰🎂🍰.

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We choose for walk into an international Buffet called Trofea Grill for enjoy our lunch time. Of course, like other buffets, it has a deli area and live area. The selection with unlimited plates of array of delectable dishes on offer including seafood, different traditional of soup🥣🥣, sushi and rolls🍣🍣, roasts with all the trimmings, pizza, brunch dishes, a bar of salads and sides🥗🥗, all served up with unlimited drink including wine🥂🥂(Note: the wine is not served glass on the table, it serve on the JUG). If you’re a meat fan, then you’re likely familiar with this cuisine that mean unlimited servings of grilled different meat such as pork, beef and chicken🍗🥩🍖 and served at your table as you like. Wow, handsome chef help us grilled🔥🔥 the meat. Delicious food that us can enjoy let`s our heart’s content. Remember keep a little space of stomach for cheese🧀🧀 and dessert bar laden with various things of cake, croissants, profiteroles, puddings and cheeses that let us need to leave chair for take them😋😋. Lastly, we take a cup of coffee that us enjoy at our leisure. The price for lunch time is 4499Huf (13.22€) per person for unlimited food and wine🤩🤩

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The life in big cities is always bustling with noise with big buildings, roads, heavy traffic, and noisy streets. So in Budapest city if you want peace and break from the bustle of everyday life with it without leaving the city you can visit Margaret Island, the pedestrian-only island in the middle of the Danube🚶‍♂️🏃‍♀️. The sprawling parkland of Margaret Island is FREE😍😍 to visit anytime, and for us this green oasis🌲🌳of the city is perfect spots for a short nice break to feel and connect to nature. This is one of the biggest parks in Budapest and it’s situated on the Danube River where very popular and reducing heat in cities is during hot summer days. That consisting from bigger park with an expansive water park, a small zoo, and skates and bikes🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️ for rent where we enjoyed in a walk through this an illustrious history and beautiful nature.

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Let us relaxing😎😎 in a nice stroll with feel and peace of  nature and quiet vision of around environment and people in this green oasis, Margaret Island.

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