Our Europe Trip – Hungary (Part 1 Danube Promenade)

Our Europe Trip –  Part 1 #Hungary – #Budapest #Danube #Promenade 

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Budapest is a magnificent city🏙🏙🏙 with has been an anchor of Hungarian since its inception which is situated on both banks of the Danube (Hungarian: Duna) River, a few miles downstream from the Danube Bend. With the wide Danube winding through its center, give you a feel for both Pest and Buda — originally separate cities, divided by the river, reconnected by a series of elegant bridges to form the modern metropolis. As Budapest is a compact, tranquil city with all sizes have preserve their fine Notable architectural styles in classic old historical🏛🏛🏛 or rather several variants of Art Nouveau architectural. The city is huge, but most of Budapest top attractions are located close to the city center so you’ll probably walk🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍ anyway: the best way of catching one of the full of fascinating and stunning views to be found anywhere in Eastern Europe.

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At the heart of the city, we have walking with a cultural twist, experience the true essence of a work of art🗿🗿🖼, back to the century preserved its original artistic spirit, with various craftsmen and artists offering as well as art deco architecture. Follow the cobbled streets, highlights of the different levels art deco from the elegant facade and exquisite mosaics to statues and its wonderful stained-glass windows. As one of the site of spectacular for the city is architecture: unique blend of old and modern for complete with Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Romantic and Art Nouveau Architecture. But it doesn’t take long to notice the city’s other main appeal: these five-star lodgings🏨🏨🏨, define the skyline, their upscale restaurants🥩🦪🍤 and bars🍻🍹🍷 offering superb views of the charming Danube views, and incredible interconnected green spaces. The restaurant and bars offers an elaborate varied and high quality of the food which makes it perfect for take a short break have a dine with soak up the panoramic views.

They are all sorts to choose for the walking route in the city of Budapest – no matter what you picks, they are all a great way to looking for a lively European city with an impressive cultural offering. We take a leisurely stroll discover corners with even more characteristics. Among Budapest’s other charms are its prettily decorated independent shops, lots of these filled with enough cafes and restaurants that give you an elegant or stylish atmosphere for enjoy a high tea🍰🍨. Their cafés, overlooking the Danube and the Buda Castle🏰🏰🏰 were immensely popular. Highlight including one of the largest religious buildings in Hungary – St. Stephen’s Basilica. The church is the highest building in Hungary’s capital has own architecture is also impressive – medieval architecture from the elegant facade with its wonderful stained-glass windows, to the different levels within the church, where there also has an observation deck that allow you with beautiful views over Budapest.

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Budapest makes the most of its unique position on the River Danube which surrounded by beautifully preserved promenades😍😍😍: these luxury hotels feature of terraces with ornate gardens and along the Danube Promenade with statues as well as the picturesque of extending from the Széchenyi Chain Bridge to the Erzsébet Bridge🌉🌉🌉. Walk on the Danube Promenade that created in the mid nineteenth century its numerous cobblestone streets make it a gorgeous setting for a leisurely stroll. Ten-minute something walk away, towards the Chain Bridge an iconic strip of Budapest, a Chain Bridge that spans the River Danube between Buda and Pest. It was the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Hungary with the lion statues that guard the Chain Bridge. At the time of its construction, it was regarded as one of the modern world’s engineering wonders🤩🤩🤩. Its decorations made of cast iron, and its construction, radiating calm dignity and balance, have elevated the Chain Bridge to a high stature in Europe.

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If your feet get tired, hop on a tram 2🚋🚋🚋, pick up a map and improvise your very own city guide, you can enjoy one of the finest slices of cityscape, past the main departure point for sightseeing and regularly scheduled city-transport boats.

In the past, as it does today, the Danube played a vital economic role in Europe and it is now harnessed for hydroelectric power in Budapest as well as providing drinking water. Worthy of embark on a relaxing, taking a cruise along the Danube River to experience this powerful river and enjoy a completely unique panoramic🌆🌆🌆 perspective of the city’s landscape and urban skyline.

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There are many options to choose from: take a day cruise for one-hour sightseeing cruises cover all the attractions located on the banks of the Danube or two-hour cruises offer optional walk on Margaret Island and an evening boat trip with buffet-type dinner🥩🥐🥗, music🎵🎶🎶 and dance. Another way to enjoy a ride on the Danube is to take a public scheduled ship📝 The Budapest Transport Company operates riverboats between Boráros tér and Rómaifürdő, with stops including Petőfi tér (located at the foot of Elizabeth Bridge in Pest), Batthyány tér and Margaret Island. A little trip🚤🚤🚤 further afield from Danube Bend to Vienna of Esztergom via hydrofoil, just only about an hour and a half minutes, which is not only a fun way to travel, but also the quickest. During trip of your cruise, you’ll captured by Danube River charms with gleefully atmosphere in the sunshine add classical music you’ll have an uncontrollable urge to start tapping your feet and swaying your head from side to side in time with the ridiculously happy melody!

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After the sun sets🌃🌃🌃 in the Budapest, it would be incomplete without an evening stroll during the journey. Cobblestone streets glow with a yellow hue from decorative lamps, shadows play on the facades of the colorful lamp on the water and at night we have a strong feel😮😮😮the majestic power of the Chain Bridge🌉🌉🌉 that still guard almost of Buda and Pest. Highlights include the beautiful distinctive of Fisherman’s Bastion. Especially exciting at night are taverns, pub, riverside cafe-bistros that offer a host of entertainment and music. The night scenery of Budapest won our soul over after dark.

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