Our Europe Trip – (Prague Castle )

Our Europe Trip – #Czech #Republic #Prague ( Part 3 #Prague #Castle)

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Each of castles brings with it hundreds of years of human history, and perhaps a ghost story👻👻👻 or two. Medieval stone walls, sky-high towers, bridges arching over glittering moats – Castles across the continent display architectural skills and magnificence. Dotting the European landscape, Castles seem full of magic and mystery; sometimes romantic, sometimes sinister, castles around the world evoke a palpable feeling of wonder and a fairytale.

When visiting the Prague in Czech Republic, one of the must-see places is Prague Castle🏰🏰🏰, perhaps the most important landmark in the magnificent city of Prague. Prague Castle is one of the largest ancient castle in the world, as well as the most impressive castles, its easily resembles as mini small town – with dozen of buildings🏘🏘🏘, many towers and protected by a fortified wall, there is so much for the eye to explore. Sitting majestically on a hillside in the Castle District (Hradčany), above the Lesser Town, It dominates the skyline with overlooking the surrounding city better than anything else. Get FREE😍😍😍 enter to the main courtyard area of the Prague Castle complex without any ticket but to enter any of the buildings you need to buy a historic buildings admission ticket.

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There are several entrances to the Prague Castle, on the main entrance all visitors including us must queues for security checks to pass through it. With it’s a complex which covers 7 hectares (18 acres), centred around three great courtyards, so be prepared to see a lot and take some photo📷📸📷 for one of the largest coherent castle complex in the world by the area covered. The first documents mentioning the castle date back to the 9th century, and over the centuries new buildings have been added and contains examples of most of the leading architectural styles of the last millennium. Prague Castle is a unique architectural work🤩🤩🤩 as it blends rich repertoire of medieval construction methods with Renaissance structures. It is a classic example of the medieval fortress and hillside has a massive wall around it, acting as reinforcement to the castle.

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We walk in the castle, one of so special is from the castle hillside have spectacular views Prague City, midtown Prague🏙🏙🏙 and beyond .Once the home of Bohemia’s kings and Holy Roman emperors, its combining the elements of Romanesque-style a 10th century and Gothic modifications of the 14th century. The castle was intentionally built to look consolidate as it was inspired blend of the features typical medieval castle elements–a keep, a fortified, oval-shaped enceinte, bartizans, and a moat enclosed by a high wall and consists of a large-scale composition of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings of various architectural styles. Throughout history, to its final renovation in the 1700s, this castle evolved to the site of important governmental negotiations and today the official residence of the Czech Republic’s President. This castle is spiritual center for a country, the changing of the guard every hour, on the hour, and the flag ceremony every day at noon.

The magnificent castle feature palaces, great halls, state apartments, towers, churches, fortifications, Royal Garden, a monastery and rooms decorated in medieval art. It was constructed using a rich repertoire of medieval construction methods. The architecture has a dedicated theme from the Romanesque and Gothic style that varies by function and style. The interiors feature significant carvings and extraordinary collection of furniture, tapestries, and works of art. The castle is the place where Czech crown jewels💎💎💎 are kept. Countless historical and artistic treasures are displayed or stored there.

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One of the most significant features within the castle is the St. Vitus Cathedral a prominent example of Gothic architecture and containing the tombsof many Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors. With its Gothic design and architecture, verticality is emphasized in architecture, which features almost skeletal stone structures with great expanses of glass; pared-down wall surfaces supported by external flying buttresses, pointed arches using the ogive shape, ribbed stone vaults, clustered columns, pinnacles and sharply pointed spires.

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At night🌆🌆🌆 another indescribable beauty with hundred meters cobblestone streets decorated with torches that lit the path leads to the castle. We walk along the Charles Bridge🌉🌉🌉, a historic and significantly bridge that crosses the Vltava River in Prague. This bridge born on 15th-century feat of engineering is itself a sight to behold. We finish our Prague, Czech Republic trip with a relaxing feeling and appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of the bridge and expansive views of Castle, Prague City and the harbour along the landmark’s walkway. Let us continue next Hungary Trip🚍🚍🚍…..

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