Our Europe Trip – (Old Town and food in Prague)

Our Europe Trip – #Czech #Republic #Prague ( Part 2 #OldTown #Food #Prague)

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With a city center largely untouched by WW2 bombings that crushed other national capitals, Prague is the best preserved large medieval city in Europe. As we approach Old Town it looks like we are coming up on a giant fairy tale city until we realize it is actually the oldest and most significant square in the historical centre🏛🏰 of Prague with its famous monuments presents itself from a different perspective and unusual angles. We are start off with the city’s biggest attraction in the districts of Hradcany, Mala Strana and Stare Mesto with rich architecture, thriving culture, we stroll down cobblestone streets is surrounded with exquisite historical buildings, alluring architecture, the elaborate city gates , and narrow passageways.
The Quaint Old Town of Prague seems frozen in time, Medieval times that is. The unique architecture of Prague really stands out with the Art🖼🗿 and Architecture of Medieval buildings encompasses many movements, or eras, in art history. Although the Medieval period is complex but through the fabric of the building, we can look at a field for a range of subjects, from complex theological ideas to biblical tales, from whimsical creatures to purely decorative foliate forms. Stroll on Old Town view of the most impressive and eye-catching buildings that can be seen from all over Prague – The Church of Our Lady Before Týn. It is a dominant feature of the Old Town and existed for over a thousand years, building construction was exploited the peculiar shapes of structural elements to create highly expressive forms which feature almost stone structures that classical antiquity of ornamentation coupled with delicate structural forms.

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Walk into The Church of Saint Nicholas, a Late-Gothic and Baroque church that FREE🤩🤩🤩 for open to public. The interior is often the marble itself comes from ancient buildings; we look of the great expanses of stained glass showing biblical stories, appreciated to the sculpture on wall surfaces and the elegant of classic style chandelier plus sculpture art of the cramped contours of column capitals. There are nearly a dozen Gothic watchtowers in town, including two you can climb at either end of the famous Charles Bridge🌉🌉🌉 which is the Gothic towers that overall review of the distinctive naturesat colorful buildings🏙🌇🌆. We are admiring on medieval architectural sculpture, view of the great explosion of sculpture on semicircular tympanum and sculptural embellishment display a fascinating array of different forms.

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United 15In addition to the amazing city of medieval town, Prague also is lively market square – the main shopping streets🏬🏬🏬. We like to shopping🛍🛍🛍 in the Old Town, on many streets it have shop, boutiques, specialty stores, high street stores, museum and galleries. Walk on the elegant pedestrian boulevards lined with charming plazas and typical porticoes, an attractive shopping avenue of tremendous selection of stores, world-class boutiques and flagship boutiques with great high-end pieces at affordable prices. With offering incredible discounts😍😍😍 at affordable prices plus a stylish and relaxed ambience let us have an easy day trip delightful for buy and pick up what we like😀😀😀. The street also was the center of the city’s urban life with shopping malls🛒🛒🛒, traditional markets and you’ll probably find a hub of authentic medieval goods such as unique clothing, jewellers, weaponry and etc. Simultaneously, you can find a range of items for special souvenir, specialist chocolatiers, fudge shops, coffee shops and even restaurants.

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Enjoy food🍕🍖🥞🥗 is part of our lives, so not only simply walk and shopping in Prague and we also like to try some foods. Think for taste a cuisine which is unique to the Prague location that why we walk toward street vendors on the Medieval Street for get an authentic taste of Czech foods. Decision for try a traditionally Prague foods called Prague Ham🥩🥩🥩 for that please our taste buds, it is slowly smoked with beechwood and has the speciality of being cooked boneless. We only order a little amount grams of ham suitable for two person, but stall owner sell us a large slab of ham with a few side order of bread🍞🍞🍞. By the way, the stall owner has told us that the bread can be added without any charge. It’s give us unsatisfied and unhappy😒😒😒 so we inform we only want a little amount of the grams but they say cannot. The total price is 446 CZK (17.29 €)🙄🙄🙄 can thus be greater than a course meal in restaurant.

Simultaneous, we also walk into a shopping mall on the Medieval Street, this retail facility along with shop, cafes🥧🍰, restaurants and food hall. We go into food hall which of a younger generation, new and modern decor with a big open space and open style kitchen. Everything here was so clean and new, offers selections meal for every taste but they more focus on Italian cuisine. All the dishes and price can be clear for read on the menu and the foods at reasonable price. Here we ate the pizza Masheri🍕🍕🍕Tomato Soup🥣🥣🥣 and Polevka Seasonal Soup and the total price 217 CZK (8.41€) . The chefs using fresh and locally ingredients add seasonal food and applying modern techniques to traditional ingredients. All of this made the dishes so delicious!

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The Medieval atmosphere in the Old Town certainly brings out sophistication to us…… so it’s no surprise with a refined afternoon tea. We enjoy a delightful afternoon tea in the restaurant chains – McDonald’s. A bright and relaxing spot let us feel truly peaceful for enjoy our selection of sweet treats🥯🥯🥯 plus drinks by plentiful coffee which made with seasonal ingredients. Ok, let us say goodbye to the bizarre atmosphere and enjoy our afternoon tea in this bright and relaxing place😎😎😗.

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