Our Europe Trip (Part 7 Poland Restaurant and Dishes)

Our Europe Trip – #Poland ( Part 7 #Restaurant and #Dishes

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If you’re heading to Krakow Poland, not only stick with authentic restaurants and quaint cafes. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing meals to be had at a gazillion restaurants that’ll take you all night to enjoy. But now we talking about street food🍔🥖🌯, Polish street food is still very much alive. A stroll through Krakow’s Rynek Główny (Market Square), or the Old Town will invariably reveal Polish street food in all its glory, from terribly satisfying cheesy treats and juicy cuts of meat with all the best toppings and sauces to freshly baked pastries. The Polish streets foods are filled with affordable local delights, these cheap🤩🤩🤩 eats are a great way to explore a country’s cuisine without spending too much cash. It’s also great idea for when you have limited time in a city.

It is worth mentioning that some of food that we savour are not considered traditional by Poles themselves or maybe not be Polish food but for us most important is delicious😋😋😋!!! We start with the Obwarzanek the bakers who created it dates back to the Middle Ages, a thin bagel or simplified pretzel with sold from blue rolling carts on every in street corners and squares in Krakow. A cheaper typical snack with the price of 1.80zł(0.41€), braided ring-shaped bread that is boiled ingredients with sesame seeds, salt and cheese🧀🧀🧀 as well. Obwarzanek has a white, sweetish, moist and chewy crumb underneath a crunchy golden-brown crust. Tasty and filling with crusty skin, it’s inside slightly sweet and much softer.

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This is a food call Trozkol. We love it so much….Yummy Yummy
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Actually this is one large size Spaghetti and serve to two plate…

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This is food call Mashed-potato-filled Croquettes🧆🧆🧆


A fragrant aroma let us busy to find out where they come from and my feet follow blindly took me to that smell of freshly baked goods. A stall selling a kind of spit cake, called Trozkol a traditional treat that’s the dough is baked by an open fire🔥🔥🔥, rotisserie-style, it is wrapped around rotating wood or metal bars and roasted until its golden brown and topped with sugar, cinnamon and walnut mix. The Trozkol is a sweet pastry has got something to suit every sweet tooth. It`s so fresh, while you make order where they’re made outside as you watch. And it does look delectable, golden brown and still steaming from the fire. They are boasts a wide variety, you can get them filled with chocolate🍫🍫🍫, Nutella, caramel, jam or whatever’s in the pantry. We ordered Nutella flavor of Trozkol cake and it was well worth the wait. Hot spread of golden lightly crispy makes from thick and soft dough and inside with thick an irresistible combination of Nutella and roasted hazelnuts. The rich, slightly nutty and cinnamon flavour of hazelnuts floods your mouth first😋😋😋. Almost immediately you become aware of the texture — so soft and clinging to your tongue as you press it against the roof of your mouth. Then comes aromas of burnt sugar for caramelized richness that shoots up through the roots of your teeth straight to the top of your head, the of chocolate leaves a last lingering taste🥰🥰🥰.

In Europe, Pizza🍕🍕🍕 is a popular food. It can find everywhere even in restaurant and food trucks. In Krakow, they use original Italian ingredients and dough is perfect and the combination of ingredients farmer’s cheese, potatoes🥔🥔🥔 and onions🧅🧅🧅, plus sausage, bacon, cream sauce and spring onions. The spiciness of the sausage combined with the fragrant of the cheese is what will make your day brighter.

You can find blue rolling carts on every in street corners and squares in Krakow.



A tuna salad……

Walk in hypermarket of the food store, look a side dish similarity as Japan Korokke, so we decide buy and taste what the different of this little morsel. After that know this side dish which called as Mashed-potato-filled Croquettes🧆🧆🧆 are often served as a side dish in winter holiday meals. It is just delicious, a small bread crumbed fried food roll containing as main ingredient with ground meat🥩🥩🥩, potatoes, veggies, sautéed onions mixed with sauce, spices and herbs. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and sure to please anyone and everyone👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. Croquettes gained worldwide popularity, for us this is a one of a lovely side dish, more important it is a tasty and most important palatable with the cheaper price🤑🤑🤑!!!!!

A stroll along to the Kazimierz district, it became known as the Jewish Quarter of the city and was finally transformed into a center for Krakow’s bars🍻🥂🍷 and cafe culture🧁🍰. Defined by stately architecture, bohemian character behind the wooden shutters of dozens of antique shops and art galleries and ringed by numerous cosy art cafes, paved street and monuments of Jewish culture, Kazimierz street are the perfect venue for teeming with cultural and artistic life. Among the medieval-tinged building with cafés and bars allowing yourself frequent pit stops yourself for a few hours – is one of the best and most relaxing ways. Centred around the former Jewish square now known as Plac Nowy, Kazimierz has emerged as the city’s best destination for cafe culture and nightlife to keep you satisfied. The square, where you’ll find a number of restaurant, pub and cafe, from albeit unpretentious architecture with provide sofas🛋🛋🛋 in the private garden🌳🌷🥀 to the renowned ancient architecture of provide wooden tables with elegant ambience spill out onto the pavement. At night🌛🌛🌛 while the sound of music🎵🎶🎺 emanates from the bars and cafes of the surrounding alleys, plus serving snacks, Polish staples and a ton of quality local beer and wine.




During Krakow, you must face some true: you’re going to spend your time here for enjoy the meal. Of cause in Kazimierz district, we would not forget taste dishes, we walk into a value for money, and ambiance or tastes of cafe for enjoy our dinning. Thank for the house host recommend this cafe offers a wide range of delectables with bigger sizes of dishes where exact value for save your money🤑🤑🤑! The cafe would leave your enchanted with it interiors, decorated of antique musical instruments🎻🎺🎷 all done up in the mild and smooth light has feel as Classical style. Not only explore here the instruments, styles & music genres available to it, but with its grand bar provide enjoy fun-filled moments , truly is a splendid place to escape from the busy city center and to sit back with a fine brew.

In this cozy cafe, order one large size of Spaghetti🍝🍝🍝 share for two plenty of hungry stomachs to fill. You are not hear wrongly, you can ask waiter for a order a large size plate of Spaghetti share for two🍽🍽,ask them separate to two and they would take out two plate of dishes while you only pay for one plate of money😮😮😮. A large oval plate on boasting rich Spaghetti are smooth and elastic which slippery and slimy of sauce, that tastes like ‘real’ pasta, like the secret is that came from Italy. Although this pasta with a meat sauce🥩🥩🥩 that is widely seen as the inspiration for spaghetti Bolognese but combining simple fresh ingredients using local ingredients and seasonal produce into dishes that is another flavor with no worse than single taste. This is a delicious mouthful😋😋😋 of each bite, the texture of the pasta itself is enough to penetrate the experience of each of your taste buds, enough to make it difficult to miss the taste. A simple of ingredients are combined, a dish that has been in existence since ancient times, a popular and delicious cuisine will continue to be passed down to the present day.




A large plate of Tuna Salad🥗🥗🥗, rustic simplicity it revolves around using local fresh ingredients and seasonal produce to create simple, elegant dishes. Definitely popular for its distinctive taste and healthy ways, a salad with big pieces of lettuce and large chunks of vegetables can be appetite, particularly it has lots of, onion🧅🧅🧅, blackberries, tomatoes🍅🍅🍅, chives and skinny greens. This is a colorful and excellent visual dish🤩🤩🤩. Well, inside of the dishes conceal a more rich of fresh tuna🐟🐟🐟 and plentiful herbs. Mmmmmm! Cafe offers such wonderful of it good healthy food. With the colorful and simple fresh of ingredients, are what foods dreams are made of, so get ready to dream of Tuna Salad dancing🕺🕺💃 in your head. For the total price this meal is 10.35 €/ 45 Polish złoty.

We wholeheartedly agree Europe is a food-lover’s paradise; every food lover including us wants to explore an endless smorgasbord of delicious foods of all flavors. In Krakow, Inhaling the scents, savouring the flavours and looking on wide-eyed at a city’s cuisine through its restaurant and street stalls is one of our favourite ways to experience culture.

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