Our Europe Trip – #Poland ( Part 6 #Krakow )

Our Europe Trip – #Poland ( Part 6 #Krakow II )

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Renaissance style architecture, medieval-tinged metropolis, cozy pubs🍺🍷🍸 galore and cafe🍵, so much good food🍽🍴🥄—it’s true, all of these things are endemic to Krakow whose looking for a city break full of culture, exceptional cuisine and exclusive experience, this charming city that looks great in all seasons. Spend some time wandering through the old historic centre, nosing around in its cobblestoned streets, exploring its lovely old town and take advantage of the country’s Polish culture. Walking through the ancient grounds of the historic centre, admire the elegant medieval Renaissance architecture which packed with historical interest and brimming with welcoming charm.

These days, one of the world’s oldest cities is brimming with new life. In addition to being the birthplace of the Renaissance, the Krakow has a modern makeovers👍👍👍: Though you spend most of their time in the medieval center, you also can explore outside of the Old Town where centuries-old history combines with an exciting present. We walk in some of the highlights which is no shortage of picturesque cities, Vistula river offering one of the finest ways to see this different of Krakow.

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The longest and largest river🚤🚤🚤 in Poland, the Vistula like a snake cuts through the centre of this stunning city. A stroll along the gently bustling banks of Vistula river, the view from Boulevards or Bridge with magnificent panoramas of Ancient Krakow, 13th century of Wawel Hill with its elegant of architecture presents a superb prospect of the atmospheric medieval-tinged. At the moment, on the other side opposite river, offering one of the finest ways to see this stylish city🌟🌟🌟, great slabs of on the architectural glories and its mercantile serve as monumental reminders of the recent past. Snaking through the city along from Salwator to Kazimierz and Podgorze which lined with bars, cafés and restaurants, the river offers wonderful vistas of Renaissance and Art Nouveau mansions interspersed with overhanging trees and foliage.United 11

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Europe is a perfect shopping 🛍🛍🛍destination; many people of cause including us like tend to spend hours and hours of aimless walking through the stores. Situated near the Old Town and just beside of the main bus station (Dworzec Autobusowy), Galeria Krakowska Shopping Mall🏬🏬🏬 is mix of amenities includes fashion shops, leisure activities, and food and drink establishments, all accommodated in a modern architecture. The outlet’s beautiful modernize architecture and plays host to over hundred boutiques and stores selling everything from clothes👗🥼🧥 and accessories to cosmetics💄💄💄 and home essentials within the mall to cater to all their customers.

We love shopping sure we don’t forget missing shopping in our travel planning📗📘📙, delightful spend some hour in Galeria Krakowska Shopping Mall. An excellent alternative to the big, bland malls, outrageously expensive fashion houses, and crowded flea markets, these clusters of outlet designer stores, restaurants🍝🥧🥩, and cafés🍕🍟🥞 make for the perfect destinations for your shopping break. With the hypermarket🛒🛒🛒Carrefour and shops like Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear, Mango, Wittchen and etc, plus, they offer incredible discounts and a stylish and relaxed ambience all attracts us to spend the day at the mall. Buy a bigger size of luggage with one of our favorite colour in Wittchen store, we are blessed for buy a few of prestigious brands fashion clothing in Zara fashion Store, all of them offering amazing discounts🤑🤑🤑.


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Krakow, a combination of a spectacular panoramic views over the town🏙🏙🏙, a unique destination combine stroll through the alleys of the old historic centre🏤🏛🏛, sensory experience modern city standards, shopping in modern shopping mall together , engage with the colorful locals and smell, touch and taste the vast array of goods and products on display.

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