Our Europe Trip #Slovakia #Poprad (Part 5 #High #Tatras – #Stary #Smokovec )

As a mountain range along the border of northern Slovakia, it is the unique protected area of flora and fauna among high-mountain plants such as dwarf pine, pine woods and a flora. Rare animal species such as the eagle, bear, or marmot live here as well. The chamoisis the symbol of Tatras. It covers the high-mountain area of the Tatras and there are more than 80 tarns, 32 are located on the Slovak side of the mountains (the rest of them are in Poland). From majestic mountains to sweeping landscapes, wide-open skies to exceptionally clean air, High Tatras is home from some incredible hiking destinations.

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Our Europe Trip #Slovakia (Part 4 #FUSION Restaurant #Buffet)

Slovak cuisine was greatly influenced by the food of two neighbouring countries – Hungary and Austria and to add to the spice of life, the dishes vary from one region to the next. The origins of traditional Slovak cuisine can be traced to times when the majority of the population lived self-sufficiently in villages, therefore Slovak cuisine varies slightly from region to region across Slovakia, sure Kosice one of the cuisines also is unique.What exactly is typical Slovakian food, you may be wondering, especially same as us whose come to Kosice (Slovakia) for first time? If you want to truly experience the culture in Kosice, one of the best ways to do this is by tasting the traditional food.