Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Part 15 – King Rama IX Park 2018)

Our #Thialand #Bangkok Travel (Part 15 #KingRamaIXPark)

While Thailand has some awe-inspiring national parks, for the majority of people who dwell in Bangkok, it must spend a lot of time for getting out to those parks to commune with nature. It is sometimes hard to believe, but Bangkok does have some large parks, not only favour by Thai resident it also common to tourist for see flowers in full bloom and enjoy the beauty that nature can bring to soothing for the eyes👀👀👀and healing for the soul. 

We choose for go to King Rama IX Park also know as Suan Luang Rama IX Park, the largest public park you will find inside the city proper which occupies several hundred acres of land up in northeastern Bangkok. The park came into existence in 1987, built for the then 60th birthday celebrations of late king Bhumibol. For only 10 Baht, you can wander through the bluish-green artificial large lake, stone bridges, some beautiful pavilions and expansive gardens or the tropical foliage of the conservancy. It is a nature place of beauty to tourist understanding and appreciation of the natural world. 

Almost immediately after entering the expansive grounds, it is impossible to miss the park’s centrepiece: stands the golden Ratchamangkhala Pavilion a huge gold-and-white round architecture with obvious and elegance of structure. This is actually a full of exhibits that every area of the building focuses on the life and hobbies of the late kings. In the King Rama IX Park, you can either same as us, slow down and take a couple hours to enjoy the colorful herbaceous landscape🌳🌻🌴, strolling along the manicured trails, smell a fragrant scent and view the different kind of plant shapes and it is the home of an extensive array of different types of gardens.

The meticulously landscaped grounds offer up the sort of features one would expect in a garden with different of countries. It including features sculptures of French garden, fountains of Italian garden, wooden pavilion of the Chinese garden and American garden comes in a geodesic dome with cacti🌵🌵🌵. Want to learn more about Thai plants, lush King Rama IX Park is a garden dedicated to the collection, take care of, cultivation and display of a wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names. There are some characteristics architectural structures, especially Thakon Phrakia Pavillion in the middle of a lotus pond, it is a picture-perfect representation of classic Thai design. We take a walk to see what’s in bloom of flower🌸🏵🥀; take the camera “Kāchā Kāchā “📷📷📷and snap some pictures of around landscape. We are being fascinated of this wonderland of natural beauty! The park is also popular with joggers🏃‍🚶‍🏃‍as the track is an incredible 5km long. 

You also can same as most of the people can relax😙😙😙on shady patches of lawn are plentiful and enjoy sweeping view by a lake. On the shores of large lake, pedal boats are available for hire where you pedal the swan boat in the middle of the lake. Refreshment stands, café, bathrooms, benches, minor gardens, pavilions, exercise equipment and plenty of playground equipment for the kids are plentiful throughout the park. From the wide of nature greenery to the a peaceful of large lake, it is a perfect venue for a family-friendly destination, a romantic date or traveller whose solely the leisure pursuit. 

Now feel hungry, join us eat on the BBQ restaurant where prawns as big as a human palm.

Address: Soi Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9, Suan Luang, Khet Prawet, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10250, Thailand

Opening Hour🕐🕐🕐: 5.00 – 19.00 (Daily)

Entry Fee💲💲💲: 10 Baht

How to go: You can take the BTS Railway and stop on Udomsuk station🚊🚊🚊. Take the exit 3 and ride a taxi🚖🚖🚖 can take you to the King Rama IX Park, it about nine kilometres distance for around 75 baht.

#SummerTime 🌝🌝🌝

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