Thailand – Bangkok 2018 (Part 14 – Siam Shopping 2)

Our #Thailand #Bangkok Travel (Part 14 #SiamShopping2)


Shopping🛍🛍🛍in Bangkok is an experience to thrill and delight the most of shoppers – whatever it is you’re. Although we are explain that shopping mall in last time we believe that would not satisfy many people desire shopping. So prepared continues with us to the other destination of shopping area. In Bangkok Center have ready to be in the areas where there is a large flow of people in the shopping district of Bangkok, built up the covered air corridor be connected to major shopping malls🏢🏢🏢. After shopping in the Siam (which we are mention in last time), we does not have to endure the heat and rain and can easy walk on an Air Metro station that links directly to the mall through elevated walkways that are suspended in the open air.

With expansion and modernization, CentralWorld is one of the biggest lifestyle and shopping complex in Southeast Asia. It was expanded to 430,000 square metres of shopping mall and 1,024,000 square metres of complex, which is home to numerous well-known stores such as clothing boutiques👗👔👞👢, funky fashion, high-tech gadgets, bookshops and designer furniture to imported groceries, a lineup of banks, beauty salons, musical instrument🎻🎹, gourmet eateries and even an ice-skating rink. It has offers an unrivaled mix and range of products and services at prices become one of the most exciting shopping experiences in Bangkok.


The Platinum Fashion Mall




With two well-known department stores that is Isetan, the Japanese department store, and Zen department store which is branded as Asia’s first lifestyle trend megastore. 500 hundreds of shops and restaurants, it have so many options to you for explore, you could easily spend a whole day without realizing.

Everyone knew that CentralWorld it become a go-to destination for good food and beverages, meet a wide selection of Eastern & western cuisines🍽🍴🥄 🥢form more than 100 shops all under one roof. It would not be wrong, except shopping, has over 100 dining options, you can going to pick on the restaurants those are worth for fill up your mood and stomach space. CentralWorld have a wide selection of excellent eateries of different cuisines from the main course of different country to the fun experience with drink of beer🍻🍻🍻 and wine Collection🍷🍷🍷, plus relax of cafe or a rich of dessert🍰🍰🍰. You can select from casual eateries serving different Western-style food, or Eastern restaurants from typical to new style.









Oh, eat on restaurant-bar with outside of malls, tasteful foods and exotic cocktail🍸 🍸🍸also is one of the best choosing. It’s got that comfy, dim lights, rich cuisine and selection of beer and cocktails of bar and restaurant with prepare yourself for a joyful night with your friends and family. Don’t forget here also have the most well-known Thai home-style food chain. Finish our lunch in the MK restaurant, one of the successful restaurant chains, the Thai variant of hot pot🥘🥘. All boiled in a hot pot where dip meat, seafood, noodles, dumplings and vegetables into a pot of broth cooking at the table. Hot pot most important is soup, Thai spicy of Unique formula soup match with new recipe of Cheese🧀🧀. Boiling hot of soup, taste good smelling but not greasy plus our favorable of cheese, only one word can describe that is “good”😋😋😋.

Starbucks is a welcome respite for weary, thirsty shoppers. CentralWorld gets ‘second-largest’ Starbucks in the world and the store features a Starbucks Reserve Bar composed of a Starbucks traditional coffee bar as well as the Starbucks Reserve Bar. Because miss for cold and luscious dessert and we choose takes a break in Swensen’s a global chain of ice cream🍦🍧🍨 restaurants. Although vanilla was main favorite, it also has many different flavors and other frozen dessert specialties.

No idea for buy what Thailand gifts to bring home, go around grocery supermarket which can comprehend the daily need and popular goods of Thailand local resident and it also one of method for bring back the flavor of Thailand. Located directly opposite Central World, Big C one of the supermarket🛒🛒🛒 chains in Thailand is a grocery and general merchandising retailer. Big C is Thailand’s second-largest hypermarket operator after Tesco Lotus’s Thai unit.

A hard-discount and lower price tags item at Big C supermarket which you will find all the products you would expect: fresh product🥩🍍🥦, daily product, home appliances, fashion cosmetic💄💄💄, skin care products a large and different alcohol selection and etc. If your family or friends enjoy the cooking, we think you would same as us gladness and satisfy for shopping in Big C which provides many different species “Thai cooking herbs” and “dried cooking ingredients” from simply to daintiness. Various kinds of Thai Snack🍫🍬 and is one of the famous souvenirs. You can buy Thailand’s most popular snacks including Crispy Seaweed Strips, Crispy Peanuts, Mentos, Pocky, Thai Coconut Roll, Squid Chips, Dried Banana, 2 In 1 Flavoured Chips and etc as go back home gift. Tourist during the Thailand and love their Thai Tea, shopping at Big C don’t forget to bring buy it. You know us! We love Instant Noodle, no matter travel at different country we must bring Instant Noodle go back home. In Big C, it has different taste and packaging for satisfy Instant Noodle lover like us.

Big C Supermarket



The city offers many wallet-friendly shopping hubs with character for you to find your right place. If you looking for modern style of fashion and not mind of branded, you can go to “The Platinum Fashion Mall” which is nearby Big C with only a few minutes’ walking distance. Thailand one of the largest Wholesale & Retail Shopping Destination,The Platinum Fashion Mall is more convenient with an indoor version that have air conditioned and comes complete with a large food court as well as cafés and fast food chains. A regular image we can see retailers getting supplies here and a lady or a man carrying a giant roller bag with full of some fashion clothes.

Don’t misunderstand that their just only provides it to retailers. If you same as us aren’t retailers, you are also welcome to purchase a single item at incredibly low prices. The Platinum Fashion Mall is designed as one stop wholesale shopping and modern fashion which filled with small outlets, selling clothes and accessories for women, children and men👨‍👩‍👦‍👦, although the majority of shops focus on the ladies. At here you can find a lot of fashion clothing and accessories from head to toe such as hats👒🎩, clothes👚👕, handbags👛👝, belts and shoes👡👡. Thailand distinguishing feature “bargain shopping” is use as majority of outlets. For our suggestion you are better buy the product from those shops which are show the price. Of cause, if you see something that you like, don’t hesitate for ask the price, even you haven’t buy, they would not made angry. The business hour of The Platinum Fashion Mall is not same as other shopping mall (10.00am – 10.00p.m). Remember, it is open from 🕐🕐🕐09.00am – 08.00pm.

Note: Most of the shop just accept cash 💲💲💲only, so make sure bring more cash if you shopping at “The Platinum Fashion Mall”.







Look on photo this all are our Thailand shopping spoils we have a sensation of little. What about you?

our Thailand shopping spoils
our Thailand shopping spoils

As conclusion shopping in Bangkok Thailand :

#MBKShoppingCenter: is more focus on Electronic store and technology digital, simultaneously it have well-crafted keepsakes from all provinces of Thailand.

#SiamParagon: is upmarket shopping mall with an abundance of luxury and international brands with concern on noble, trendy and unique.

#SiamShoppingCenter: contemporary have International brands and Thai brands with tendency on fashion and leisurely sports.

#CentralWorld: is biggest lifestyle and shopping complex, meet a wide selection of Eastern & western cuisines.

#BigCSupermarket: is selling variety and everything in one department store, you will get best price and lots of discounted items.

#ThePlatinumFashionMall: is selling all style of fashion with more on no brand, it not only concern to wholesalers but also opens to the public. 

How to go: Take the BTS 🚊🚊🚊and get down from Siam & Chit Lom Station.

#SummerTime 🌝 🌝 🌝



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