Thailand – Bangkok 2018 ( Part 9 MBK Shopping Center )

For our shopping trip, the first stop we chose MBK Shopping Center🏙🏙🏙, the largest shopping mall in Asia when it opened in 1985. Since then, many malls in Thailand have outdone MBK in size especially nearby Central World and Siam Paragon. Even so, the price of goods more acceptable for local Thai so its attract and the majority of shoppers are Bangkok residents also popular with tourists. With total of 8 floors and more than 2,000 stores, many stores selling authentic merchandise are also available.

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日本 – 东京 2018 (Part 26 皇居东御苑 )

皇居东御苑建始于1961年,将皇居东区旧江户城的本丸、二之丸、三之丸的一部份整顿为皇居附属庭园。皇居东御苑也名为东京东御苑,包括原本丸和二丸丸地区,总面积21万平方米。 它仅有其中一部分的地方是开放于大众。虽然没有江户时代的原始建筑物,但仍然可以看到当时的护城河,城墙和入口大门,这也令人印象深刻。

日本 – 东京 (靖国神社) 2018


Thailand – Bangkok Travel 2018 (Part 7 Suan Pakkad Palace Museum) 2018

Step off busiest streets into Suan Pakkad Palace Museum and the sounds of the city instantly melt away. Although is residence of Prince🤴, you would not view of luxurious Palace, it is collection of traditional Thai house, one of the best examples of traditional domestic architecture in the Bangkok city. For those who are interested in the history and century Thailand landmark buildings, a tour Palace Museum is must on your itinerary.

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