Japan Tokyo (Tenjō-Yama Park, Mount Tenjo) 2018

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A story of Tenjo-Yama Park Mount


From Oshino Hakka, We stop again Bus at the Kawaguchiko station; we walk to the Lake Kawaguchiko because our planning destination is Tenjō-Yama Park Mount Tenjo which is panoramic views of the Lake Kawaguchiko and Mount Fuji, one of the best attractions in Mount Fuji.

Go to the Tenjō-Yama Park Mount Tenjo, you can either take the red line bus or walk to the ropeway station. We walk around 10 minutes, arrived Kachi Kachi Ropeway; official name is the Lake Kawaguchi Mt.Tenjo Ropeway (河口湖天上山ロープウェイ). It is ascends 460 meters from the eastern shore of Lake Kawaguchiko to an observation deck near the peak of Mount Tenjo.

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Mt.Fuji see from Tenjo-Yama Park Mount
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A scape see from Tenjo-Yama Park Mount

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At Japan you can see this at everyway.


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Selfie again
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Shop with sell souviner
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Our Favorite cheese cake
Guess this photo is take at where? Hahaha is at cable car

Did you know that, Mount Tenjo is setting of Dazai Osamu’s folk story “Kachi Kachi Yama”. Because there are too many versions of this folk story and we do not know which are correct, interested parties can find it themselves. Anyway this just story doesn’t be too serious. Named after the story, you can see a lot of Tanuki and rabbit dolls decorated on the ropeway gondola and around the observation deck.

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A story protagonist

Buy the ticket from the machine, go in to the cable car, we are glad for view the scenery of Lake Kawaguchiko from the air on 3 minute ropeway trip. After walk out from cable car, we walk around 5 minutes and arrived observation deck. From the observation deck, which sits more than 1000 meters above sea level they are panorama view of the whole mountain of Mt Fuji and Kawaguchiko Lake as well as Aokigahara forest. In front of us, use our eye for view a large and gorgeous panorama of Mt Fuji with small and dense buildings like matchboxes on the foot of mountain. On the other side, we also view the layer and layer of Aokigahara mountain and placid, vast of lake.

With offers spectacular views of Mt Fuji, you also can enjoy some food and drink at “Tenuki Tea house”. They also sell souvenirs relating to Mt. Kachi-Kachi and Mt Fuji. After our visit, we take the cable car go back to the town. For round trip, it cost 800 yen for personal and 720 yen for ground. The operation hour from 9.00am (9.30am in winter) to 5.10pm (4.40pm in winter). For those whose want to visit Fuji Goko, Kawaguchiko Lake, a pleasure boat other than a ropeway, a retro bus and so on! You can very advantageously for buy a set ticket with discount price.

Wait from cable car
See from cable car


We love Mt.fuji




Selfie again


Remember keep this cable ticket when you purchase round trip

In the Kawaguchiko, we walk into a cheesecake house and enjoy specialty handmade cheesecake. When I scented cheesecake in my mouth, a fragrant of cheesecake spins in my mouth, completely conquered my taste buds and add on a hot cup of fragrant coffee, perfect. Oh! Super blessed for enjoy it.

At winter, yo can see snow everywhere





Wow, we love cheese so much



A bakeries shop


At here, we also don’t forget buy a traditional souvenir. As for the bus going back to Tokyo, we also same as buy the highway bus ticket early on the website, take on the expressway bus around 18.40. Well, end of 1 day trip of Mt. Fuji.
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You can buy some souvenir
This is a a traditional souvenir we buy



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