How to refund Tax at Japan

Walk into “Purple Building”, name as Takeya general duty-free store located in Okachimachi, next to Ueno. Takeya is the oldest discount store in Japan. With the 7 floor of the store, it sell food, medicine, cosmetics, health food, household goods, electronics, watches, accessories, designer fashion, clothing and furniture. The most alluring part of Takeya is hands down its wide array of good-quality products and low prices.

The store not just well known by the locals though, it’s can be said to be a shopping paradise for Foreign travelers especially for backpack like us. Except of discount prices, the reason for us (Foreign travelers) like the Takeya are having multi foreign-language interpreters and a Refund-Tax counter. We enjoy a great time for shopping to find extremely discount product. With huge discounts, we are buy everything we want and total purchase amount more than 5000 yen, we can have tax refund. 

Now we teach you how to refund the tax. As a Foreign travelers are eligible to get your taxed refund while enjoying shopping if they follow certain procedures at licensed tax refund agencies (such as department stores, home appliance stores, discount stores and other). Tax exemption can applies when the purchased goods are brought out of Japan and consumption for individuals, not used for business purposes.

In general, the total purchase amount of wares bought in the SAME SHOP on the SAME DAY must be 5000 yen or more, tax excluded. They are divided by commodities and consumable items, that both can combine for tax-refund.(Note:For the latest news update both can combine). Commodities are electric appliances, clothing, accessories, shoes and etc, item purchase must be more than 5000 yen, tax-refund. Consumable items are food, drinks, medicines, cosmetics and tobacco, item purchase must be more than 5000 yen and less than 500,000 yen.

There are two different types of tax exemption procedures, depending on the store. First, pay for your wares with the tax already being deduced. Second, pay for full price (including the tax), go to tax-free counter, and present your receipt to get a tax refund and cash rebate. 

At store, go to tax-free desk, show your passport (REMEMBER Passport must original not photocopy). If you are using a credit card on payment, credit card holder must present for the refund tax. The staff will be take the slip attached to your passport. 

NOTE: not to remove it, it will be taken by the airport’s customs official when you leave Japan. However, goods are wrapped in special disposable bags that are sealed upon the purchase. REMEMBER: They should not be opened before leaving Japan.

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