Japan – Tokyo (#Stamina Taro & #Takeya) 2018

My #Japan #Tokyo Travel (Part 18) #Stamina Taro & #Takeya

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Walk on the Ueno, feel very hungry, think for eat meat. We love eat at all-you-can-eat restaurant decided choose Stamina Taro Next. This is a chain of restaurants with offers all-you-can-eat menu all over the country at very reasonable prices. We choose eat at Ueno, because here got provide cook it yourself barbecue style.

united 2
It also provide sushi
united 8
meat area for bbq


united 9
Area for cook the meat
bread with hotdog
meat with unlimited refill 
Ramen cook it youself
united 6
DIY pancake youself

Stamina Taro Next prepared different type of meat, consist of beef, pork, chicken and beef offal, we can grill by yourself in the traditional yakiniku way. Beside meat, Unlimited portions of everyone’s favorite Japanese foods from sushi to ramen, noodle dishes, rice dishes, soups, salads and even dessert like cakes, cream puffs, ice cream, candy and popcorn. With the buffet style, enjoying delicious and variety of dishes with chooses our favorites foods. It is suitable for ever whether who have a large or small amount of foods.

Oh, my favorite that is cake
beverage counter
dessert with different taste 
ice cream with different favorite

Stamina Taro Next have two types of options, it is 60 minute and 90 minute. We choose 90 minute with the price for adult is 1720 yen ( including tax), to enjoy our lunch in weekday.

dessert area
can make popcorn by youself
salad area
sushi area
deli counter



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