Japan – Tokyo (Ameya-Yokochō & Yamashiroya) 2018

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If you like a hankering for the raucous atmosphere of an outdoor shopping arcade, Ameya-Yokocho is your best bet. Such of this shopping street is rare in other parts of Japan. It is a busy, narrow street of around 500 meters that stretches between Okachimachi Station and Ueno Station.

Ameya-Yokocho was candy central in the postwar era (hence “ame” is candy), and then a black market for imported American goods (the name is also supposedly derived from Ame, for American). Japanese people usually call the street “Ameyoko”.

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Ameya-Yokochō street 
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You can get the cheaper price seafood at here

Today, shops on the street sell a wide variety of items ranging from foodstuffs, such as marine products, snacks and dry foods, to clothes, bags, miscellaneous goods, accessories, sport products, cosmetics, electrical and shoes. As typical scenery of Ameyoko, you can hear that the vendors using Japanese shouting thickly and placards, “Here is cheaper, all products only sell xxx yen”. They readily accept the bargain for cut price, increasing the enjoyment of shopping here.

Ha! Ha! We buy a Japan Anello Bag with a special price. We recommended that the most suitable to visit Ameyoko is in the afternoon, because too early or too late you will miss the shop’s business hours!

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Original Anello with cheap price

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Japan is famous for anime and manga pop culture. One thing that do by all vacationer either Japanese or foreign is looking for “anime goods”.

In Ueno, you can visit Yamashiroya(ヤマシロヤ) Toy Store that gathers many anime characters. If you looking for Japanese or International toys and collectibles, here will not be disappointed.

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Yamashiroya shop 
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My new travel partner

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Yamashiroya is six floors and each floor is divided by different genre. It`s including toys, figures, games and pro-models. At here the Anime commodities are rich with complete the anime goods can satisfy from children to adult whether gentle and ladies.

Look they have selling many different categories of Ghibli animation goods. Hi everyone pls guess, we buy which of the “anime goods”? It must be Ghibli animation goods

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