Japan – Tokyo (Japan Traditional Culture Festa) 2018

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It is how to say that when you traveling to a country, food especially eat as local can and arguably should be an integral part of the experience. One of the best ways for a tourist to experience local food is to find a festival!

Lucky, in the Ueno Park have conduct a Japan Traditional Culture Festa. Festa are stalls that are set up to serve quick and tasty Japanese foods, some dishes are only to enjoyed in specific festa. Here you can find what Japanese people love to eat. 

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Different of food stall you can find
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One of Japan famous food Okonomiyaki 

When we arrive at Japan Traditional Culture Festa, we smell the aromas coming from the stall. While feel hungry! Here are some typical foods that can be find such as Yakitori, Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Ikayaki, and something dishes we don’t known.

The dishes that are taken out, it is perfectly acceptable to eating them while walk around. You also can find a space with table where is provide by Festa for enjoying your dishes. When you’re enjoying any of these foods, you’re truly like a local food.

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So serious to cook the food
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we love selfie
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some traditional show at food festival
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Is it look like so delicious?

REMEMBER, after eating, please throw the plastic, chopsticks and rubbish to the area (dustbin) that is prepared by Festa.

Here we also enjoy for view the traditional and modern show. In order to make the Festa more attractive, the organizers also prepared some games and dummy show, making the venue a fun place to visit.

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You also can find some traditional game 
united 9
Grilled fish
Traditional game

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