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At the Mitsumineguchi station, Saitama and take the train going to the Nagatoro. You just show out the“Chichibu Free Ticket”, not need purchase ticket. We get off at Nagatoro. 

The entirety of Nagatoro Town is designated as the Prefectural Nagatoro Tamayodo Natural Park, and both banks of the Arakawa River that flows through its center are designated as places of scenic beauty and natural monuments. It can be enjoyed all year round, with seasonal flower, hiking trails, water sports, and numerous interactive activities. 

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See, the yellow flower just blossom
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A lot of  WinterSweet Tree already blossom
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Did you felling this photo got desolate?

Our planning is view the gold glittering of yellow flower; we went to Chichibu’s famous sightseeing location, Mt.Hodo, where WinterSweet Tree (yellow flower) grows. On the Nagatoro station, walk to west, we are pass a large variety of eateries and gift shops. Because of 1 day trip, we are not stop, walk faster (20 minute) and reach the Mt. Hodo, Hodosan Ropeway. 

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Oh, fresh air!!!
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This is plum blossoms 

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Mt.Hodo, not the highest peak in western Saitama, 497m high, but at the top, you can see of beautiful flowers with the sublime backdrop of the Chichibu Mountains. We get up to the summit by take the ropeway. Ticket fee costs 820 yen for round trip and 410 yen for one way. Use “Chichibu Free Ticket”, get a discount by the costs 740 yen (round trip). The ropeway cars runs at 30 minute intervals (from 09:40 to 17:00) and taking around 5 minute to the summit. The Summit, there are hundreds of different kinds of flower trees with the scenery of the four seasons are infinity.

Honestly, it looks underwhelming because from a distance, they look like dead trees. However it grows many Wintersweet Tree (Roubai in Japanese). These bright of yellow, elegant, small and delicate flowers are everywhere on the mountain. The best time to see the flower is end of Dec to end of Feb. 

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Wintersweet Tree (Roubai in Japanese)
united 9
See from the summit.


We are enjoyed on full bloom of Roubai and plum blossoms that signal the coming of spring. Except it, at the summit also have most spectacular views of the across town, over the Arakawa and over to the peaks far off into the distance. The clear skies that Saitama is known for during much of the winter, we are enjoy it by eye, feel and breath in.

Lastly we are buy a specialty of Coca-Cola with design in Saitama (Only can purchase at Saitama, Japan) and traditional souvenir to end our Saitama Trip.


Because of Winter time, seldom see the plum blossoms

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宝登山虽不是西部埼玉最高峰,高497米。可是在山顶,您可以看到美丽的花朵,与秩父山的景致。我们搭宝登山缆车上山顶。票价为往返820日元,单程410日元。可是我们展出秩父自由乘车券就可以特价740日元购买往返票。缆车每30分钟一趟(时间09.40 – 1700)到山顶时间大约5分钟。宝登山山顶一带的四季美景变幻无穷及种着上百株的不一样品种的花树。

Entry and ticket of  ropeway
plum blossoms






Specialty of Coca-Cola with design in Saitama (Only can purchase at Saitama, Japan) and traditional souvenir to end our Saitama Trip.


我的 #东京 #省钱 #交通 之旅


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