Japan-Tokyo-(Chichibu) 2018

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Chichibu is a city in the center of mountainous western Saitama Prefecture. The forested mountains surrounding the town have impressive beautiful natural scenery and a rich heritage of ancient shrines and temple. Chichibu has provided different festival event in different month and visitors can visit in all four seasons with different landscape. 


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See the snow from the window of my train / 从我乘坐的火车窗外看到雪

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We are visit Chichibu on February in winter season, the coldest time of the year. Who say at the same time cannot view the natural of the Icicles and flower in winter season. Follow me go to visit it in one day, trip by train to experience traditional Japanese culture.

(Chichibu Free Ticket(Japan Call:秩父フリーきっぷ)” (Adults 2320 yen) / “秩父自由乘车券(日文名稱:秩父フリーきっぷ)”(成人2320日元))

   Go to Ikebukuro Station, you can purchase the “Chichibu Free Ticket(Japan Call:秩父フリーきっぷ)” (Adults 2320 yen) in the information counter. This ticket is valid for 2 days from starting date to use. It ticket only 1 round trip between Ikebukuro and Seibu Chichibu. (Note: You can use 1 time only between Ikebukuro and Ashigakubo station both outward and return. You may not stop over at other station.). But its ticket is for rapid train not for limited express. 

     This ticket also valid use unlimited rides for 2 days between Ashigakubo and Seibu-Chichibu Station and also Chichibu Railway (Between Nogami, Nagatoro and M, Mitsumineguchi station). KEY POINT: Without purchase ticket our visit attractions plan is cost 3140 yen and purchase ticket is saving 820 yen. 

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Nothing to do and selfie at the train / 没事做就在火车上自拍

Because our plan is a day trip, we take the train in the 07.30am morning to Chichibu. NOTE must take the Seibu Line train and we are stop at Hanno Station and change to a train appearance of bright colorful; the train would ride us to the Seibu Chichibu. It would ride through a breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscape. The environment is totally different with Tokyo which are the building is packed of all cities.

Waiting at Hanno Station and change to a train appearance of bright colorful; the train would ride us to the Seibu Chichibu. / 在饭能站下站,再来乘换亮丽的五色列车列车会载我们到西武秩父
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( A different scenery with Tokyo  / 与东京不同的风景 )
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(I think this is traditional Japanese House / 我觉得这是日本传统屋子)
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(While waiting the train look like local person stand in front the stall and enjoy our food. / 在等待火车的时候我们就像当地居民站在摊子前享用美食)
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(A colorful train to  Mitsumineguchi / 五彩缤纷的火车往三峰口的方向)

On the road of train, we are enjoyed and view the beautiful of scenery. The train stop at Seibu Chichibu (final stop), exit the ticket gate and follow the signboard of “Chichibu Railway”(walk about 5 minute). While wait for the train,we stand and eat the delicious and cheap price ramen at the stall (yap, is stand because this stall no provide chair to customer) right by the site of the station. REMEMBER: it got Nagatoro and Mitsumineguchi train, make sure get into Mitsumineguchi.

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We love the snow so much / 我们好爱雪哦

We are finally got to our destination, Mitsumineguchi station of Chichibu Railway. To be continued……..
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我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 7) #秩父市

秩父是埼玉县西部山区中心的一座城市。该镇周围的森林山脉令人印象深刻同时拥有美丽自然景观, 丰富遗产的古老的神社和寺庙。秩父在不同的月份提供不同的节日活动,游客可以在四季参看不同景色。



此车票2天无限次乘坐芦久保站和西武秩父站之间以及秩父铁路(Nogami, Nagatoro 和 M, Mitsumineguchi 站之间的站)。重点: 此次行程如果分別购买車票乘車的话共需3140日圆。但如果购买了「秩父自由乘车券」,則可以省下820日圆。



我的 #东京 #省钱 #交通 之旅


A cheap price noodle everybody guess for how much?
A cheap price noodle everybody guess for how much?


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