Japan- Tokyo – (Game Taito Station) 2018

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united 1      Pleasure, you would definitely enjoy a fun and uniquely Japanese experience in Taito Station. It is one of the leading names in Japanese arcade gaming. Easy recognizing with the building is decorated in red billboard and white logo.

Game Taito Station be composed by different floor provide different kind of games suitable for different age and gender. It is featuring the latest selection of arcade games, prize games boasting popular anime and manga memorabilia, ultra-realistic and high-tech virtual games, Purikura machine and more. While easy to find Game Taito Station anyway of big city in Tokyo.

We walk into one of the new opening Game Taito Station in Shinjuku with special discount all of game machine only 100 Yen. For our Foreign, they also provide exchange currencies, VISA machine and ATM. You can play many of these games which are offbeat and unique to Japan.

Start from simple control of claw crane mechanical to capture a variety of fabulous prizes! High-tech and large variety of arcade games would bring you to another fantastic world. However it also provides classic game for those who can relive their childhood with popular games at some time in the past. In Game Taito Station, you also can find different type of gambling machine. While gambling for money or prizes is prohibited by Japanese law.

Ladies, you can enjoy in one of the floor which special for women, a lot of latest Purikura machine that can easy gave us look very kawa-i.

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united 2
(You also can catch the animation from the  claw crane mechanical,maybe you can try your luck /你可从钓物机里头赢取动画和漫画纪念品)
united 3
(One of the places where people spend their time after work/ 上班人士放工后消磨时间的其中一个地方)
united 4
(High-tech arcade games / 高科技街机游戏)
united 5
Haha, Is i look like skip class(just joking) / 哈哈,我是不是很像翘课呢?(开玩笑的啦)
united 6
(A  classic game / 金典游戏)
united 7
(Purikura machine / 大头贴机器)

united 8

united 9
(We find foreign also like this place /  我们发现到外国游客也喜爱这地方)






我的#日本 #东京 之旅 (Part 4) #Game #Taito #Station

在“Game Taito Station”,你一定会感受有趣和独特的日本旅途。它是日本街机游戏其中一个领先品牌之一。随着醒目红与白商标广告牌让你更加容易辨认它的建筑。

在“Game Taito Station”,它的每个楼层都有不同的游戏种类适合各年龄的男男女女。它具有最新的街机游戏选择,拥有热门动画和漫画纪念品作为游戏奖品,超现实和高科技的虚拟游戏,大头贴机器等等。在东京各个大城市你能很容易找到“Game Taito Station”。

我们走进一间在新宿刚刚营业的一间“Game Taito Station”还打着促销,所有的游戏机只需100日元哦。对于我们外国游客,他们还提供货币兑换,VISA机和ATM机。你可以在这尽情玩乐,这些游戏很多都是日本独有和独一无二的。

从简单的钓物机开始,夹各种精彩的奖品!高科技和各种各样的街机游戏将带给你另一个梦幻般的世界。当然它们也提供了经典游戏让有些人重温童年回忆。在“Game Taito Station”,你也能找到不同种类的赌博机器。但日本法律禁止以金钱或奖品作为赌注.

#Game #Taito #Station
我的 #东京 #省钱 #交通 之旅







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