Japan – Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Building) 2018

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Visit for Tokyo, one of thing you must do is enjoying an amazing view of the Tokyo City on the top of building. In Shinjuku, We recommend you go to The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, A FREE OBSERVATION DECK. Yap,it is totally correct is FREE!!! 243 meter tall twin towers which respectively into North Observation Deck and South Observation Deck. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is surrounding building of offices, leading hotels, branding shopping, restaurant and etc.united 1(Look down from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building are the buildings look like matchbox?/从东京都厅展望室往下看那建筑是不是很像火柴盒?)united 2(Entry of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/东京都厅展望室的入口)united 3

After taking the bag checks for the security, you are invite walk into elevators and go to the 45th floor of observatory. Enjoy your panoramic views to a large number of skyscrapers and Tokyo. In the tower, you would deepen your understanding and interest in Tokyo. The observatory also has a cafe and a gift shop. You can enjoy your coffee while view the magnificence scenery.

united 4(Some souvenir can find at here/ 可找到伴手里)  


united 5(Selfie again with sister/ 姐妹自拍)united 6

For the North Observation Desk open hours is 9.30a.m – 11p.m and the South Observation Desk closed at 5.30pm (Entry ends 30 minutes before closing). REMEMBER: closing date Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday.

united 7(You can find the Souvenir shop at here/ 在这你可找到礼品商店)united 8(Blue sky with the buildings look like the picture / 蓝蓝的天与一栋栋的建筑)united 9#Japan
#Tokyo #Metropolitan #Government #Building
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游玩东京其中一项你必需做的就是在建筑的顶部仰望着漂亮的东京。在新宿,我建议你可以去东京都厅展望室。这里是免费的,对,你没看错是免费开放给大众的景点。展望室高度243米高的双塔分别位于北观察台和南观景台。东京都厅展望室四周有办公楼酒店,品牌购物,餐厅等。DSCN5809(Take the lift go to  North Observation Desk / 搭上电梯去北展望室)DSCN5815











IMG20180209130149(Here you can find Tokyo limited commemorative products / 在这你可找到东京限定的纪念商品)

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