Japan – Tokyo (Ghibli Museum, Mitaka)

My #Japan Travel (Part 1 ) – #Ghibli #Museum, #Mitaka
The Ghibli Museum is the animation and art museum of Miyazaki Hayao’s Studio Ghibli, one of world’s most famous animation studios. This museum is Miyazaki fans fantasize and interest for visit it. Before go to Ghibli Museum, it is best for you to watch and knowledge the Ghibli animation movie and it would useful for your visit. united 1(Night view at Ghibli Museum /  吉卜力博物馆 的夜景)united 2(Day view at Ghibli Museum, which you prefer? / 吉卜力博物馆的白天照,那个是你的心头照?)united 3(See who is behind the window? / 看看谁在窗后呢?)

Before entering the museum, you must use a voucher to change the entry ticket (NOTE: the purchaser must be present at the Museum because the staff will check the purchaser`s identity).These tickets very special and value to keep because they are made by film strip with three frames of a Ghibli movie.

Open the door and walk into “Let’s lose our way, together.” You can use your heart and your eye to discover and feel a lot of pleasant and interesting in the Ghibli animation world. There got two parts for this museum, one part is inside and one part is outside. PHOTO AND VIDEO NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE MUSEUM. While walk into bottom floor of the room, “The Beginning of Movement” exhibit the various display and techniques of Ghibli animation. With the strobe lights, you can imaginary and feel those animation are real moving in front of you. While Screening Room is show the Ghibli original short animated Feature movie which can only be seen in the Museum’s theatre with Japanese language and subtitles only.


united 4(Hai, Totoro how are you?/龙猫先生你好吗?😄😄😄)

united 5 copy[We look like so small when stand in front at Robot soldier (Castle in the Sky) / 当我们站在机器人兵(天空之城)看来好娇小哦。😜😜😜]

united 6(See the entry ticket is made from film strip with three frames of a Ghibli movie.So special….. / 看吉卜力电影的电影带制成的入门票,好特别哦。)united 7 E(Entry of Ghibli Museum / 吉卜力博物馆 的入口)

Walk into the first floor, welcome to the “Where a Firm is Born”. Inspiration source is came from this small room and a famous animator is born with stored many books, toys, his favorite things, original hand-painted and etc. For second floor, you will find a famous Cat Bus Room provide to children and souvenir shop. There are also cafés, rooftop gardens, and The Robot Soldier outside the museum, which all of these areas can be photographed.

united 8 c(Some dessert sold at Ghibli Museum / 吉卜力博物馆贩卖的小吃)united 8 E


 NOTE: NO TICKETS ARE SOLD AT THE MUSEUM. How and where can you buy tickets? You can buy the ticket at Lawson store machine and website, and designation Travel Company of the specified country. FOR FOREIGNER LIKE US, our suggestion is buy from Lawson website (sales online by Lawson Ticket). REMEMBER make sure buy the ticket before one month you visit Ghibli Museum (when you want visit on February, you must buy the ticket from 10th January) from the tenth of each month.

 Wait on your screen on the 10th for the one month before visit, and ticket are sales in limited quantity so the better time for buy ticket is 10:00am (Japan Time). Tickets are sold only for the specified date and time of entry. If the date and time your request ticket are sold out, don’t hesitate find and see which date and time of ticket haven’t sold out, hurry up buy the ticket as soon as possible. NOTE: When you buy a ticket online, you will be request to fill in the passport number. So the passport holder must be visit because Ghibli Museum would request to see the passport.

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我的 #日本 之旅 (Part 1 ) – #吉卜力博物馆



united 9 c(Love the colour so much / 好爱这五彩缤纷的建筑)united 9 ENight view at cafe of Ghibli Museum / 坐落在吉卜力博物馆咖啡馆的夜景)DSC_0044






DSC_0064(Robot soldier (Castle in the Sky) / 机器人兵(天空之城)DSC_0075(Sunset at Ghibli Museum look like so beautiful / 吉卜力博物馆的夕阳看起来好漂亮)DSC_0076



欢迎来到博物馆的第一楼【电影诞生的地方】。这小房间是作者的灵感来源,而里头存储着许多书籍,玩具,他喜欢的东西,原创手绘等等。二楼则有著名的猫咪公车间提供给儿童游玩,礼品店。博物馆外也提供咖啡馆,屋顶花园,天空之城的机器士兵而这些景点是可以拍照的。DSCN5891(Let us take the cat bus go to the Ghibli Museum / 让我们搭上🐱 巴士去吉卜力博物馆)DSCN5898(Is it look like story of  Kiki’s Delivery Service`s birdcage / 像不像魔女宅急便故事里的鸟笼?)



      注意:吉卜力博物馆没提供现场买票!  你要如何购买门票呢?你可以在“Lawson”店面的机器,“Lawson”网站,及指定国家的旅游公司。如果你与我一样是“外国游客”我建议你在“Lawson”网站买票。请记住,您必需在你游玩吉卜力博物馆一个月之前(当您想要在2月游玩时,您必须在1月10日起购买票)每个月的第十天起购买票。


我的 #日本 #省钱交通之旅


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