Our Europe Trip ( Part 2 Wawel Castle Krakow)

Just like many Poland castles, the history of Wawel hasn’t been without its turbulent times. After so many vicissitudes, the Castle was rebuilt, its combining the elements of nearly all European architectural a style of medieval, renaissance and baroque periods, Wawel Castle showcases one of the finest examples of a uniquely Polish design. The imposing interiors blend nicely with the majestic entrances, creating a unique atmosphere. The castle features typical medieval castle elements – a keep, a fortified, oval-shaped Hull, bartizans, and a moat.

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Our Europe Trip – Poland ( Introduction)

Krakow is Poland’s second largest city and one of the oldest cities in Poland that city dates back to the 7th century. The Middle Ages have been a time of change and turmoil, but it also bring us to another era and mystery waited around every cobbled corner with have been used to create fairy tales. Like cities frozen in time, modern day life is lived amidst architectural gems and historic monuments. Krakow lies in the southern part of Poland, on the Vistula River, in a valley at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains🏔🏔🏔219 m (719 ft) above sea level; halfway between the Jurassic Rock Upland (Polish: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska) to the north, and the Tatra Mountains 100 km (62 mi) to the south. Filled with attractive hiking in the famous Tatra Mountains, prefer to enjoy the Tatra valleys and panoramic views. The city remains the culture capital of Poland with traditionally been one of the leading centres of Polish academic, economic and artistic life. Whether it’s legendary castles with their Gothic tops or while a mythical atmosphere permeates that lively squares and backstreet, Kraków reveals its harmonious blend of past and present.

Our Europe Trip – Slovakia ( Part 7 – Skiing – Jahodna Ski Resort )

Slovakia’s mountainous terrain with Ideal natural conditions turns the country into a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts annually. This fact, together with the continental climate, creates favourable conditions for skiing🏂🏂🏂. So in winter there are good conditions for skiing in almost the whole territory of Slovakia. A lot of well-equipped ski resorts as well offering great skiing conditions with great slalom runs, downhill runs, snowboarding and good conditions for cross-country skiing.

Our Europe Trip – Slovakia (Part 6 – Stary Smokovec-Hrebienok fun.

“Stary Smokovec” , a place where you can adventure in the caves, swim🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️ or walking at the waterfall and hiking to the mountain for fresh air. From Stary Smokovec to Hrebienok while trails are excellent for hiking and biking🚵‍♀️🚵‍♂️🚵‍♂️, where Hrebienok being the starting point of several high mountain routes as well as easier walks. Smell nature breath, observe butterflies flying and listen be serenaded by a chorus of insect during mountainous trips.

Our Europe Trip #Slovakia #Poprad (Part 5 #High #Tatras – #Stary #Smokovec )

As a mountain range along the border of northern Slovakia, it is the unique protected area of flora and fauna among high-mountain plants such as dwarf pine, pine woods and a flora. Rare animal species such as the eagle, bear, or marmot live here as well. The chamoisis the symbol of Tatras. It covers the high-mountain area of the Tatras and there are more than 80 tarns, 32 are located on the Slovak side of the mountains (the rest of them are in Poland). From majestic mountains to sweeping landscapes, wide-open skies to exceptionally clean air, High Tatras is home from some incredible hiking destinations.

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